Our vision

The pre-requisite for any investment in environmental sustainability performance management to achieve a high return on investment, whether that is in consulting fees or software costs, is that internal resources have a deep understanding of the principles and best practices in environmental sustainability management.

At CliMetrics® our approach to training always follows four basic principles:

  1. Understand the overall goals of the business and why the investment in environmental sustainability performance
  2. Interview the trainee(s) well in advance of the training activity to ensure a good understanding of the business context, their role(s) and frame expectations
  3. Deliver an interactive session with a high level of engagement from the participant(s) including exercises based on day-to-day activities
  4. Follow up after a 10-day cooling-off period to clear up any doubts and answer new questions

This process ensures that both the trainees and the trainers do not waste time on unnecessary topics and that trainees can leave the session equipped with clarity and usable knowledge.


Our training courses

Environmental Sustainability Performance Management

Foundation course covering the important pillars of environmental sustainability management including:

  • The difference between a goal and a KPI
  • Popular metrics and KPIs
  • Overview of carbon registries
  • Data collection principles – essential in understanding what can and can’t be achieved in a report

User-Interface training– we train users to find their way around the CliMetrics solution to:

  • Upload fuel and devices, water, waste data
  • Use the data approval processes
  • Build and schedule reports
  • Build, save and share segments
  • Deep-dive into data using advanced drill-down tools and chart options

Advanced job role-based training

Defining and identifying the reports that will be useful to a particular stakeholder or team and how they can influence the results.